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M2Live: Spooky Sessions

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Happy Halloween ya filthy animals!

When bringing you the third instalment of M2 Live after Season 1 and Hairways we teamed up with DJ COVE, VXIDD & Bad Habitz to bring you lot a filthy set of mixes for your night of depravities on Halloween.

First Bad Habitz's mix; a blend of Jump Up with perfect mix-downs and evil sounding basslines. Then onto VXIDD who brought us a skatty mix, flowing well from track to track, 18 min of fuck-off screw-facing for your head-top. Finally, DJ Cove came through with an eclectic mix of sounds, mixing samples, dub-plates and classics into one souped-up mix.

Don't say we never do anything for ya!

Art Direction by Dan Stoica


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