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M2Live: the •hairways• Recap Mixes

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

We threw our first pop up Hairways on a sunny Sunday in late August.

It was by all accounts a resounding success; the haircuts, nail bar, tattooist and refreshments couldn't be accompanied by a mere Spotify playlist & speaker. Nah.

Instead, We decided to grab some talented DJs, an XDJ and a mini sound system.

Who were the DJ's?

Phulla, Azule & Mogul, very safe to say they tore up at the pop up.

We wanted to have a lasting memory, so the Recap session was made to showcase to the world the mixes they missed live.

Straight away, Phulla kicks off with his own Chanel bootleg followed by ten minutes of groovy four to the floor beats, with tracks from the likes of Minista Higgo and many more.

Azule's mix instantly opening with a Lil Yachty refix, setting the tone as an overly bouncy mix consisting of mainly House & Garage - Proper summer vibes throughout this mix. I remember that first track getting played at the pop-up, electrifying.

Finally, Mogul comes through with an old school substance, merged with modern Drum n Bass his Jungle basslines flow freely through his mix, next to modern bangers for all ages.

Good sounds all around!


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