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For our latest collection, all da mandem & gyaldem at M2 travelled all da way up to Manny. Linking up with skilled cinematographers CLASSBYNATURE to produce a huge video for our first graff drop, nothing like we have ever done before.

Over the 2 days, the team patterned the whole shoot, along with our product shots. Bombing around Manchester, from the city, out to the open fields where we tagged up a whip. Linking up with the boys over at Manny Bikelife to do a madness tearing down roads doing wheelies on dirt bikes n quads. From chucking throws onto cars, graffing up bus stops, hitting dem 12 0 clocks, we did it all.

All designs from the mind of our Head of Design, Dan Stoica. This Collection has been long in the works... we can't wait to show uman part 2 of the graff collection.


All for part 1 of our graff drop, seeing the release of our: black and red graff tees and our reversible beanies, in both black and red. Along with our "Cash Checks" socks, ''A Class Cunt" socks, "Split Logo" socks and "Big Logo" socks. Stay active uman, part 2 of the graff drop landing very soon.

Directed by - Christopher Gribbin

Production Company - CLASS BY NATURE

Art Director - Lewis Murphy

Art Direction Assistant - Charlie Blunden

Director of Photography - Jack Gibson

Camera Assistant - Shaun Peckham

Model - Dan Stoica

Model - Ludo Phillips

Model - Lorcan Portman

Model - Soyra Yashin

Model - Max Couling

Stylist - Lewis Murphy

Bike - Hotboyz / Mannybikelife

Quad - JK / Mannybikelife

Driver - Joshua Bodgers

Driver - Farid Zidane Zeria

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