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M2LIVE: Easter Blendz

The latest instalment from our M2 live series sees 4 talented DJ's bringing a mix for Easter!

  • First Guido YZ starts us off with ten minutes of Grime and 2-Step, then taking us through 10 mins of Jungle Riddims. This one is a Journey through some classic UK sounds.

  • Next Selecta Scorpio bringing a flavour of old school jungle with influences like Goldie, bringing the Bpm up with blends of breakbeats and heavy rollers.

  • Then Eskigirl comes with some dirty DNB and classy blends, what more could you ask for?

  • Finally, MTC finishes with some more Drum n Bass, Clean double drops and melodies in between make this mix a team favourite for sure.

Minus Twø ™ brings you M2 Live. A platform to document our sounds and show our diversity.

For the rebels, misfits, non-conformists & trouble makers.

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